Entrepreneur Q&A: Petal & Cycle


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the founder of Petal & Cycle, Richa Bhalla. Labelled as an 'environmentally friendly game changer',  Petal & Cycle designs vibrant flower arrangements and delivers anywhere in Central London by bike within 90 mins of the ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Jayna Cooke, CEO of EVENTup


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the CEO of EVENTup, Jayna Cooke. After starting her career as a fashion buyer, a chance meeting with Brad Keywell (co-founder of VC firm Lightbank and Groupon) convinced Jayna to take a leap of faith into the tech startup scene – first with Echo Global Logistics ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: NIX&KIX


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome co-founder of NIX&KIX, Julia Kessler. NIX&KIX produce all-natural fruit drinks with a cheeky pinch of cayenne. Loaded with lots of health benefits, their drinks also pack a punch during those early morning hours or mid-afternoon slumps. Full ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Ben Strieth


Ben runs a successful frozen yogurt franchise called Yogolicious, but today he took a few minutes to take our Entrepreneur Q&A. It's another chance to pick the brains of a small business owner and compare his answers to the other talented entrepreneurs on our site. There's mobile ad disruptors ... -Read More