Entrepreneur Q&A: Divorceify


In this episode we welcome the founder of Divorceify, Sonia Queralt. Divorceify is a multi-disciplinary concierge service that provides customized coaching, strong support, resources, and organization to those who feel overwhelmed by the logistics and shock of the divorce process. Additionally, ... -Read More

Firef.ly: Raising Investment On Seedrs


In this episode we're joined by the founder and CEO of Firef.ly, Chad Cribbins. This is just one part of a few episodes and it focuses on the top line learnings Chad picked up after using crowdfunding platform Seedrs to raise investment for his startup.   Chad feels that the UK is ... -Read More

A Mobile App For Laundry: ZipJet founder Lorenzo Franzi


The original idea involved vending machines, but the advances of technology were such that ZipJet was actually born as a mobile app that's here to make your laundry experience easy and simple. It sounds too good to be true but alas, it's true! In this interview, former Investment Banker Lorenzo ... -Read More

Mobile Apps, Wearable Tech & More


Stephen O'Reilly launched and ran the European office of one of the world's leading mobile app engagement platform, the award winning Mobile Roadie. He's now CMO of Shuffler.FM and in this podcast he talks about the world of mobile apps and how the tech world is changing. With so much ... -Read More

How An Investment Banker Became An App Developer


To put it simply, Locket provides stuff you care about on your phone's lock screen. The story behind Locket is less simple but a great one for aspiring entrepreneurs. Meet Yunha Kim. Since co-founding Locket, she's built up a strong client list, experienced sexism in a male dominated ... -Read More

Can you develop an app with no previous experience?


After a brief stint in the corporate world, Joshua Palmer decided to develop his own app, MyMotive, with no previous experience or relevant qualifications. What he learned along the way is invaluable for anyone who wants to build an app from scratch, but are worried about their lack of ... -Read More